All my Hatha yoga classes are now online on zoom. They are suitable for all levels of Yogis, no previous knowledge of yoga is necessary as I will talk you in to and out of each asana (pose) helping you move with your breath and making you aware of where you should be feeling the stretch.

The classes are one hour long.
All the weekday morning classes are gentle suitable for all but especially good for people new to yoga. The evening classes have a stronger element to them, with a mix of different asanas, but are suitable for everyone.

Monday and Tuesday morning classes are especially focused on breathing, suitable for all very good for beginners.

*First class is free*

There are up-to 40 classes a month for just £35 a month.

Monday 9 am and 5-30 pm

Tuesday 10 am and 5-3 0pm

Wednesday 10 am and 5-30 pm

Friday 8 am

Sunday 10 am

I am a registered member of Yoga Alliance Professionals, Experienced Teacher.

If you would like to join in or ask any questions please contact me.