About Andrew

I found sitting all day at work was  making my back ache, and the demands of working to tight schedules was always stressful, so i decided to try yoga after some friends suggested i give it a try, and after not long my back aches faded and work became less stressful

I was extremely lucky in 2000 to find world renowned yoga master Yogi Ashokananda (founder of Himalayan Hatha Yoga),  After practising with Yogi for over a decade i embarked on the journey to become a yoga instructor under his expert guidance.

So here i am now qualified to teach Himalayan Hatha Yoga, i am stress free, back ache free and loving life.

Part of my training was to set up my own class, which i did in my work building The Goldsmiths Centre London.

This class is still running every monday evening and now i have a regular group of work colleges practicing yoga , who all agree that if i had not set  the class up in the work building they would not have considered trying yoga.

My goal is to bring yoga to the workplace introducing yoga to people who would normally just eat sleep work repeat.

My classes are a slow, flowing yoga suitable for mixed abilities, which i teach with a smile on my face.

The best thing for me about being a yoga teacher is watching the progress my students make.